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Helen's French Camino walk Sept 2019 starting Le Puy-en-Velay,
Helen Dugdale
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Helen's French Camino walk Sept 2019 starting Le Puy-en-Velay,

Other names for this walk are Via Podiensis, or GR65. The full walk from Le Puy to St Jean Pied de Port is about 760km (The Way of St James), but I am only doing about 500-600km as I only have 4 weeks to spare. (Will have to come back and do the rest another time!). On average I hope to do 25km per day for 25 days.
This blog will hopefully provide some useful tips to people who are thinking of doing this walk or something similar and might spark an urge to do some hiking!
The hiking experts say that you should be able to carry 10% of your body weight. I have been practising carrying slightly more than 10% because I have so much stuff! So far I have been doing 3-4 hr hikes carrying 7kgs and haven't had any problems yet. Even had to buy new hiking boots two weeks ago, as my old boots that I used on Kilimanjaro, were thought to be too stiff and rigid for this French walk. Apparently, there are lots of boulders and rocks on the paths, so boots need to be more flexible. (Although I have heard that people walk it in trainers). I prefer the support that boots give to your ankles.
After reading through a few blogs from other people who have done the walk, I have put together my own packing list. Will see how much of it I actually use, and what I have forgotten!
This French Camino is not as well used as the main Spanish Camino, so there are fewer people and fewer nationalities on the paths, apparently less infrastructure too ie, fewer cafes and hotels, but still has amazing scenery and lovely local people. Can't wait to experience it!


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