"Break bad habits - create good habits"

"Break bad habits - create good habits"

"Break bad habits - create good habits"

"Break bad habits - create good habits"


Established in Europe for more than ten years, this method of brain coaching is now available in Australia. Managers, artists, trainees, students, athletes and actors have made use of the Wingwave method to reach their goals and gain success.

To help you reach your personal and professional goals, Helen uses the Wingwave method, an approved short term coaching concept, which combines established and well researched coaching elements. Wingwave coaching optimises your productivity and creative ability by stabilising your emotional and mental balance - easing challenging and demanding situations.


Services include:

Individual Brain Coaching - Dealing with

  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of flying
  • Anxiety in social situations, inc. road rage
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Public Speaking confidence
  • Sports confidence and consistency
  • Sleeplessness
  • Sense of self worth
  • ........Even reducing cravings for chocolate


Human Resource Management Workshops

Helen Dugdale also provides workshops and programs that help organisations and individuals get ahead in the business world.
The workshops include a broad range of programs.

Most importantly, the workshops come to you. Helen can organise workshops in any town or suburb, Group workshops or individual 1 on 1.

Climbing your own personal mountain. Many people have something that they have always wanted to do in their lives and, for different reasons, keep putting it off. A new workshop by Helen will provide practical tips on reaching your own summit. There will be plenty of take-home tips on working out your goal, planning it, and then actually how to go about doing it and the confidence to follow through. 

Some people may not have any goals in mind, and maybe feeling a bit ‘all at sea’, as in “Where am I heading?”, “what do I want to do?”. This workshop will help provide you with some skills that you can start putting into place and give you the confidence to go through with whatever your goal is.

Your goal could be big or small. It could be something you have to deal with on a daily basis, like ‘how to deal with difficult person’, or implementing a new process at work, on through to starting a new business or going on that trip you always wanted to do.

Along the way, there are some useful tools on recognising how different people work, how to get the best out of yourself and those around you, building confidence, standing up for yourself – without being aggressive. And actually sticking to your plan.

“Think it, plan it, do it”









Career Directions


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