Below are some comments I have received from satisfied clients. It is very rewarding and uplifting to hear about how they have improved after a brain coaching session, or sessions. Many of them have said that it feels like a weight has been lifted, and they can now move forward in a more positive way, and not feel so churned up. Some have felt not only relief but pride in how they have been able to turn their situation around.


 I cannot recommend Helen enough.  I have been battling anxiety (panic) for years, with no real understanding of why certain situations would trigger an attack.  Situations like being on a plane, in a train or tunnel, or being stuck in traffic.  I honestly thought that it was a result of having a panic attack on a flight many years ago.  From then on, every time I flew, I would worry excessively about having another panic attack.  Turns out, my panic about panic, had nothing to do with flying, trains, or being enclosed at all.  It was about underlying feelings of insecurity that no psychologist, counsellor, or GP had been able to uncover before.  Going through the Brain Coaching method with Helen has been life-changing for me.  I no longer dread getting on a plane, catching a train, or driving in tunnels.  Helen helped me design a personalised coping mechanism, and her sessions have been truly insightful, uncovering situations and emotions I had long locked away.  If you’re struggling with any part of your life, get in touch with Helen.  She will be able to help.


Sara, business owner  

Tamworth, NSW

I really enjoyed and benefitted from my sessions with Helen.  As we discovered the sources of the fears and other negative feelings that held me back from accomplishing what I needed to do I felt them slipping away, and with practical exercises and Helen’s continued support and encouragement I have noticed a significant shift towards success in my chosen career.  I would recommend brain coaching with Helen for anyone who feels stuck or frustrated or thwarted by forces unknown on a particular issue, for anyone who has tried and tried with something important in their lives but doesn’t feel like they are getting closer to their goals.




Helen's coaching has changed my personal and professionl life!  Not only has her coaching assisted in building my confidence again, it has re-established my sense of self-worth.  I prefer Helen's brain coachiing as the focus is on quick results that gets down to the core emotions.
Since seeing Helen I have made vast improvements in my own life.  Her kind and supportive nature makes her an excellent coach and confidant.  Thank you Helen! 


Business Owner,  

Narrabri, NSW

Thank you Helen for your professional and kind assistance to re-establish my sense of self and value.  I always knew that I suffered from a lack of self-confidence but didn't know the source(s).  It's good that that has come to light.  And so now I hope to embark on the rest of my life with a new sense of worth. 
Thank you!
I wish you well as you "travel the country" to apply brain-training to people in need, and succeed.


HJ, Recently Retired Health Professional,  

Port Stephens, NSW

Helen's brain coaching sessions are a process of self-discovery but clients will be reqarded with an enlightened sense of themselves, and their fears, phobias or worries and with that a tailored and effective management strategy. 



Tamworth, NSW

I am amazed and truly grateful for this service offered in our own home.  Helen is professional, compassionate, empathetic and spot on with her services she offers. Personally I have seen the remarkable results and life changing differences it has made to my beautiful boy and my family. I highly recommend this coaching service for anyone whether it be to help bring clarity, calm, overcome a fear or insecurity, take control of habits and be charge of your own life. It's mind blowing seeing the results for my 8 year old and has had remarkable success on my own life. It's truly an enlightening and insightful experience.  Thank you Helen Narrabri Shire is extremely lucky to have you service our region.  


Annie Alexander


I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you so much for that presentation to our school staff!  I understand it may have been hard to ascertain whether or not people enjoyed it over zoom, but I wanted to email afterwards to tell you that after we left, people were raving about how much they enjoyed it! I know in myself, as a new teacher, I will absolutely take on everything that I have learnt today! I will be more mindful in my everyday work, be grateful for everything in my life, take more perspective on things, and will utilise the skills I learn about dealing with stress and things that I can and can't control.  Thank you again for that awesome, engaging, and practical session. I'm sorry that not more people were talkative... I could imagine that would make your job very hard! I can assure you though that everyone thoroughly enjoyed it!!




Brain coaching by Helen enabled me to get to the root cause of my sleep issue and resolve it.  Now I sleep better every night and my improved sleep has helped in nearly all facets of my life!! I highly recommend Helen to everyone for any problem they might be having.


Kath, accountant


Recently I went throuh an experience which sent me searching for urgent help. I found Helen Dugdale online whilst looking for support regarding anxiety. I am very glad I found her and made contact. Helen guided me through a series of coaching sessions which have allowed me to build new ways of thinking. She helped me deal with several historical events that occurred during my life, especially some signifgficant events from an early age that subsequently caused me to develop some distorted thinking processes. I found Helen to be a very knowledgeable and empathetic coach and she has facilitated a transformation in the way I think. I highly recommend Helen Dugdale for any situation you face, especially where assistance is required to over come anxiety.




Wodonga, Vic

“Happy Sunday (or rather Monday for you, I guess), dear Helen. ~I cannot thank you enough for the help you've given me; you are gifted with incredible healing talents. I've had moments of clarity over my life with all of my challenges, but now, since connecting with you, they are glaringly evident, & I feel better able to put all the pieces together.




Chicago, USA

Hi Helen Thankyou for everything you have done supporting me through this period of my life. I have more clarity and focus to move forward with my goals and life. No doubt we will catch up again and will definitely reach out if I need. Wishing you the best for the rest of 2021. Warm Regards and sincere thanks
PS. Please use my words as a testimonial. It would be wonderful for others to experience the freedom and clarity too.



Camilla, Educator

Western NSW

I was recommended to Helen by a colleague, for my Flight Anxiety, which was that bad that I left a job I love because I did not want to fly. After meeting and working with Helen I can now fly and even take a nap on the plane, the difference is night and day! I went back to the job I love and now happily take flights when needed. I would not have believed this would be the outcome without Helens help! Highly recommend Helen to anyone needing her help



Events Coordinator

Dubbo, NSW

“Hi, Helen has helped me with my procrastination and put me on the right track. I found that I was hoarding things, and they were mounting up over the years, and became overwhelming. I couldn’t make decisions. It wasn’t an easy job, but she has helped me a lot. I had to clear away a lot of old baggage and start a fresh new way of doing things. I would recommend Helen’s Brain Coaching, Good Luck,





“Helen’s training has been life changing. I had a deep emotional issue from my parents divorce when I was four years old. I had no idea why I was so emotional and sad but it was really bothering me. Helen helped me to uncover why I had the issue and provided me with a technique to overcome the emotion I was feeling for future situations. I no longer feel sad about the divorce and can move on with my life. I strongly encourage others to talk to Helen about any issues they might have.” –




Tamworth, NSW

“I have had 3 appointments with Helen, which revealed the cause of some health issues I was having. Each time I felt better until eventually there was a complete improvement. It is so good to be feeling healed. This method is definitely worthwhile with Helen who is so skilled, supportive and nurturing.



Nelson Bay, NSW

"Just wanted to let you know, I have benefited significantly from our last session. Brilliant sleep - totally and completely - for three nights in a row. I am walking on air! So incredulous about the mechanisms of the brain.... Who would have thought it?!
No pressure & I don't want to jinx it, but I am so hopeful about my sleep patterns for the coming month....
I just wanted to let you know - there has been a significant change - and it is totally due to your 'coaching'. With gratitude




"Recently, I was asked to speak at an event with a large audience. In the 5 months leading up to the event, whenever I would think about speaking in front of so many people my stomach would churn, my chest would feel heavy and I often had to rush to the bathroom. I was that anxious about it. This continued to occur right up until the day of the event and then Helen mentioned I should have a brain coaching session with her to help me to settle my nerves and anxiety.
Initially, I thought I didn't want to because if I spoke about it, it could make the feelings worse, but she said it couldn't make the situation any worse than it was, so I did it - "why not" I thought! 
We then had the session and I felt an unusual amount of relief. Heading to the event I didn't have the rushing feeling of anxiety nor did I feel nervous in the lead up to my speech on the night. I honestly couldn't believe it and am not sure how I would have managed without having the session beforehand".


RC Business Owner


Thanks, Helen, The session really made my mind clear and took some fear/self-doubt away. You helped to tap in an area of darkness with deep awareness which gave me an unconditional strength and self-belief of mind “I can do it” rather than “ how to avoid this situation”  Thanks again 


Health Practioner


"I joined Helen’s program recently hoping she could help me with low self-esteem and depression. At the time I was a bit sceptical, but I had tried everything else without success.  So, we started with the first session and I was amazed at how quickly she identified events in my past that were preventing me from moving forward with my life.   I was very unsure of myself and, as a result was procrastinating all the time. I knew what I needed to do but could not bring myself to start the tasks.  Helen did her method and I walked out of the session a different man. I was still sceptical, thinking how a two-hour session can change a lifetime of bad habits. But to my surprise I was totally changed, I was decisive and start getting things done.  Fast forward to now and my life is completely different. I had been looking for employment for more than two years, now I have two jobs. My money situation has changed dramatically before I had to save to buy even the smallest item, now I just buy it.  Depression is a thing of the past; I walk around with a smile on my face all the time. I love going to work, helping people and mixing with my workmates.  A big thanks to Helen and if you need help, try Helen. You won’t regret it!"


Kevin Pola


'When looking at me, everyone saw a calm friendly person but for nearly all of my life, I have been fighting demons buried deep in my subconscious. Demons put there by others bullying me. Helen Dugdale shone a light in there and then helped me banish them. Time spent with her has been a life-changing event. It has been beyond anything I could have expected.  "(Deep Breath)...I am an amazing focused person doing amazing things."  This is what I am telling myself now, and everyone around me is seeing my amazing results"



Dubbo, NSW

“Feedback from Quit-Smoking Program – Great results for the people who participated in the recent Brain Coaching Quit Smoking Program! The participants smoking habits ranged from 20 – 40 cigarettes per day, and for 30 – 45 years. We calculated that at a packet per day this habit cost about $12,000 per year! Let alone the health costs! One participant even commented about how much tax they were paying to the government.
Most of the participants had already tried other methods to give up smoking eg. Nicotine patches, Champix (prescription drug), hypnosis, or cold turkey. (Note – some of these methods do work for some people). They all said that they had either no success or minor short-term success, and then their smoking habit returned or worsened.
After the brain coaching sessions, participants reported that they had cut down from about 35/day to about 5/day, after the first week, and then went onto even further success.
Some of their comments were: “I want to be healthy for the grand-kids” to “I’m sick of having this habit”; and “If I felt a craving coming on, I would reach for Helen’s notes that she had given us, and that would remind me of why I am giving up. I am proud to be able to say that I am a non-smoker”. Another participant said that he couldn’t even stand the taste of a cigarette after the brain coaching session.
If you, or anyone you know, is keen to give up smoking, please give me a call, and I am happy to explain what is involved. There are so many good reasons to quit!
And remember, as the ad says - “Never quit trying to quit”. I started the 3 week Brain Coaching course to quit smoking for 3 reasons: 1. For my granddaughter 2. The cost & 3. For the health benefits. The outcome is that most days I don’t even think about a cigarette but when I do I use the mantra and tools that Helen taught until the craving goes away. I would recommend brain coaching because it has taught me that I make the conscious decision not to smoke and to be a non-smoker. I also enjoyed the group sessions because we would share tips about how to avoid the cravings etc!" From a 50 yo, who has been smoking 20/day for 25 years
Over 3 weekly sessions I went from 7 packets of cigarettes a week to 1 packet a week, and a few months later am down to 4 cigarettes per week. I would say that this method works, especially if you are serious about quitting.”



Narrabri, NSW

“My health, was the main reason why I wanted to give up smoking, and want to enjoy my time with grandchildren (without getting sick); improve my finances (by not spending $160/week on cigarettes), and also because I didn’t like the smell on my clothes or the taste of the cigarettes! I am now ‘smoke-free’. I would recommend this brain-coaching method as I have tried everything else, however you need to follow the plan from day one. I noticed a difference after the first session.”



Narrabri, NSW

Helen, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me so far. In only 2 sessions you have completely transformed my emotional reactions to 2 very influential people who were having a significantly negative impact on my life. I feel very blessed to have met you and cannot wait to continue working through other issues that are holding me back from being the best version of myself! 


AS Youth Worker


Helen’s sessions are amazing. I came in with a very strong addiction, that has caused a lot of heart ache with relationships in my life. Since seeing Helen the addiction has diminished so much that I can feel comfortable with people in my life without my urges being so strong that they could destroy more than just my life.  Thank you again Helen for such great support.”



Dubbo, NSW

"I am simply loving my life now"
 I KNOW the science works - and that is enough motivation to keep me practicing.  Sleeping better is having a profound impact on my life.  As you are aware, everything in mind & body health impacts on all the other parts too - ripples that extend and change us in subtle ways (positively and negatively - we're evolving beings). Since I am generally sleeping better there are so many positive 'flow-on' impacts for the rest of my life.  These include incredibly healthy self-esteem, perspective on life, confidence, resilience, capacity to engage and respond to others - to 'deal' with life in a wholly strong and HAPPY way.  This means my life is ALL good - I am simply LOVING my life now - I feel capable and in control (not in a 'controlling' way - but more able to dynamically choose, make decisions and handle whatever opportunities or 'challenges' that arise).  This LOVING life now is not because my life has actually changed much - it's more MY PERSPECTIVE (and all those things I listed above) has improved and so I'm in a much 'happier' mindset.  And what an 'icing on the cake' that is! I could rave on some more.  But I won't!   Please trust your system and skills - and know they are making such a positive difference in people's lives.  In a very real and tangible way.  I am incredibly grateful. Take care.  xx


Sue Curley


As a young rural bloke, I couldn't recommend anyone more highly to help out young rural Australians or anyone for that matter, who are stuck in limbo, who need some drive and direction, than Helen and her Australian Brain Coaching




22 years, NWest NSW

The best thing about this treatment with Helen is finding the crux of the concern/issue you deal with every day, within yourself that was never any fault of yours.  Now, understanding the ‘root’ of it all is simply amazing that one is then able, with Helen’s professional help, to retrain your brain to be that real person that you want to be.  It is always within you, you just need to find it and let it SHINE and ENJOY.



Dubbo, NSW

Thank you for all your support you have given me over the last couple of months. I feel your techniques are really working to help me with my confidence, and I am committed to continuing with these into the future.  I wish you all the very best!



Shoal Bay, NSW

“Thank you so much for helping me and getting me back on track, no one has ever been able to help the way you have. I don’t think I would have such a positive outlook on my situation and be wanting to continue changing for the better if I didn’t have your amazing help.    Thank you Helen.


M E Health Practioner

Regional NSW

“As an entrepreneur, every day brings a new challenge. With Helen’s Brain Coaching, every challenge is now just a stepping stone to success instead of an insurmountable hurdle.  Helen’s Brain Coaching reduces my work-related stresses while giving me the energy I need to get things completed quickly.  They say being an entrepreneur is like jumping off a cliff and building an aeroplane on the way down, Brain Coaching has allowed me to build my aeroplane faster and better than I ever thought possible.s a young rural bloke, I couldn't recommend anyone more highly to help out young rural Australians or anyone for that matter, who are stuck in limbo, who need some drive and direction, than Helen and her Australian Brain Coaching


Catherine, Business Entrepreneur

Sydney, NSW

" My mother who is soon to turn ninety-four has struggled with poor sleep for as long as I can remember. Since receiving Helen's treatment and recommendations Mum's sleep has improved dramatically. For the first time in years, Mum is waking up feeling more refreshed after a good night's sleep and ready to take on a new day.  Thank you Helen for everything you have done for my Mum!




“Since seeing Helen, my sleep has improved from 3 hours per night to 7 hours, and I can get back to sleep easily if I do wake up. Something I haven’t been able to do for 15 years, and my constant daily anxieties levels have decreased. I have managed to get off my ‘worry treadmill’ and it feels fantastic.  I am so much calmer. 


Dianne, Office Manager


“Australian Brain Coaching is a scientifically based method for changing my subconscious mental blockages that were holding me back. Surprisingly effective for me! As I have been procrastinating about doing positive things for myself for ages, and now I am enjoying all the things that I used to put off doing. This method has also helped me improve my sleeping patterns. I feel more energised to get things done now.



Salamander Bay, NSW

"When I first heard about Brain Coaching and what Helen does, I couldn’t wait to book in. 
All my life I have struggled with anxiety, so to hear that Helen could possibly change this for me meant everything!
Helen and her amazing technique has completely changed my life for the better. 
I’m a completely different person with how I see and how I react to every situation. Family and friends cannot believe all the positive changes since my first consultation. 
My anxiety has completely disappeared and  I strongly recommend Brain Coaching to anyone who suffers from Anxiety or other troubles they wish to overcome. Thank you Helen for changing my life, you’re one in a million!!s 


R S Medical Practice Manager


“I’ve seen Helen three times now in the last two months. She is both trustworthy and competent in her practice, and I look forward to each meeting. It’s invaluable having someone like Helen who can help detangle my subconscious and organise my aspirations into actionable tasks, and I recommend her to anyone seeking to understand themselves more.”



From a client who now has a path sorted

Hello Helen, "Just a quick note to let you know that thanks to your support, I ended up getting top marks in my PhD confirmation. Thanks again".


Client who needed commitment to her studies

Bronte NSW

"I went to see Helen as I had some personal issues to deal with including a couple of life changing events which were causing me stress and I was also grieving a family member that passed away.
I was so happy with the results from seeing Helen. I felt very comfortable talking to Helen honestly and openly about all my problems and how I was feeling. Some days I was really struggling just to get through the day. Helen worked with me to get to the bottom of my feelings and she gave me tools on how to deal with my emotions that I applied to my everyday life.
When I first went to Helen I was very upset and didn't know how to deal with how I was feeling nor how I was going to move forward. After 3 sessions with Helen I felt like I was getting my life and my head space back on track. After the sessions with Helen I had my confidence back and she helped me put strategies in place for how I was going to deal with my emotions to help me deal with everyday life situations.
I thoroughly recommend Helen and I'm so grateful that I found out Helen was able to provide this service"


ML, HR Manager


"It was lovely meeting you, Helen. You have opened my eyes to the world. Can't thank you enough"


LP Events Manager

Sydney, NSW

"Thank you for your coaching using the Wingwave method, I was sceptical at first, but after a couple of sessions I could see and feel the benefits that you could bring out in me. Your coaching helped me with my concentration and as I love playing golf you steered me in the right direction. It wasn’t easy to start with but as I focused on the coaching techniques and triggers; my golf game improved out of sight, and now I can proudly say I am the 2015 club champion at my golf course. Thanks again Helen, I would recommend you and Wingwave coaching to others who have a desire to improve in any aspect of their life."



Melbourne, Vic

“Once we dealt with the family issue. I felt much better after just one session.”


CS Small Business Manager


“From performance anxiety - to utter relief and continuing with a job well-done for all involved”. 


CK Business Manager


“I was hyperventilating in a swimming pool and then went on to diving underwater to retrieve objects and laughing about it!”


DL Outdoor Trekker with a fear of water


We were 2,000 metres above nothing.  “This is the scariest thing I have EVER done!
I couldn’t have done it without brain coaching. I would have had a heart attack or vomited or both without the brain coaching to overcome a fear of heights.


Tourist on an unplanned trip up a mountain in a cable car


2 Violet Street, Narrabri, NSW 2390
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