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Testimonial from Clayton Johannesen the Champion Weight-lifter:
Helen Dugdale
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Testimonial from Clayton Johannesen the Champion Weight-lifter:

“You can train every day, diet for months and have perfect recovery. But there is one thing that separates good from great, it is the mental game and toughness needed to achieve greatness. Without it you will fall short, how can I say that? Because I’ve lived it. Working with Helen unlocked my true potential and the mindset needed to separate myself from the crowd. Every mental blockage was overcome with her guidance and I reached levels of performance and results that I thought were impossible, to begin with. So I guess you have to ask yourself whether you want to be good or great.

Before I started working with Helen my results were good but I wanted to be great so we worked on my mental weaknesses and I unlocked my true potential. Brain coaching took me from a kid with a dream to an athlete with x 3 World records and x 5 Australian records. The results speak for themselves. Without this mental training, I can’t imagine having the results I do and being in the position I am.”

Note from Helen:

The young man above,  was in the 56kg class and his lifts were:
Squat: 150kg (world record + Australian record)
Bench press: 95.5kg (world record + Australian record ) 
Deadlift: 171kg (world record) 

In other words – he can lift triple his body weight!

He is an amazing, lovely young man. Very humble and self-effacing. It was a pleasure to work with him. He came to me about 3 months before the National Championships because he had lost his focus and wasn’t improving his training. We had a few sessions and identified what was holding him back. He came up with a strategy that he was happy to implement.

It was then up to him to apply himself and he set about putting all the hard work into training his body. Brain coaching just helped to unblock what was holding him back. The results speak for themselves!

If you need to identify what is holding you back – give Brain coaching a go. You’ve got nothing to lose!

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