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Insomnia, Psoriasis, Nocturia, Anxiety
kates Schwager
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Insomnia, Psoriasis, Nocturia, Anxiety

#insomnia #urinatingduringnight #psoriasis #anxiety #braincoaching #relief

(Nocturia is the need to get up and urinate during the night)
(Psoriasis is a skin disease that causes itchy scaly patches, and is known to become worse when stressed)
They are all connected!
Recently I had a client who had all of the above, and their life was very stressful, not only because of these issues but also because they had a busy job managing a business with 20 employees, dealing with clients, as well as trying to make a profit.
Thomas is in his late-30’s and trying to do the best he can for all concerned, and look after his own family.

His sleep was disrupted because he needed to get up to go to the toilet 5 or 6 times a night, and then would have trouble getting back to sleep. You can understand that he would be tired the next day and still have to perform as best as he could at work. He said his life was a long stressful event, and he was very anxious about everything. His psoriasis was bothering him too.
He assured me that the doctors have said that there was nothing physically or medically wrong with him in regard to his urinary tract or prostate.
It was just his bladder and his brain had gotten into the habit of feeling the need to be emptied every hour or so during the night. During our sessions, we worked on this issue, and he was encouraged to resist the urge for as long as he could so that eventually, his body would only feel the need to go once or twice.
We also worked on his anxiety. Having insomnia or interrupted sleep also does not help anxiety. In fact, it adds to it.
By the third Brain Coaching session, he was sleeping through the night, and he was more relaxed and productive at work. He also showed me how his psoriasis had almost disappeared. He said he had never felt so good!

Give brain Coaching a try if you have any of these symptoms. You will be so relieved.

#insomnia #urinatingduringnight #psoriasis #anxiety #braincoaching #relief

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