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Put Insomnia to Bed
Helen Dugdale
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Put Insomnia to Bed

Good morning Insomniacs! I would love to hear from you if you have ever suffered from or still suffer from sleeping problems. I am writing a book about it and for my research I would like to include data from people who tried different things to help overcome their insomnia. Brain coaching has been able to help quite a few people with this problem, and I am interested to hear from other people what has worked or hasn't worked from them in order to improve their sleep.
If you could spare 5 minutes to do this survey (and yes, it does only take 5 minutes!), results are completely anonymous. The results will be written up as say "20/100 people have tried such and such."
Your help will be most appreciated. Feel free to forward to people who you know who have sleeping problems.
#Sleepsurvey #insomniaproblems #zoomsessions #braincoaching #EMDR #sleepproblems

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