Scary Heights
Helen Dugdale
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Scary Heights

“The piece below was written just a few hours after this person had this experience:

“This is the scariest thing I have EVER done!
I couldn’t have done it without brain coaching. I would have had a heart attack or vomited or both without the brain coaching to overcome a fear of heights.

Recently I was in Switzerland and went on an unplanned trip up a mountain in a cable car.

It is about 2000m above sea level and just about straight up!
 I was perfectly fine, enjoying the scenery, then we crested one of the tops of the mountain and then there is nothing below us, BUT there is the rock face of another mountain!! O!M!G!
I kept saying to myself - “trust the Swiss engineering” and kept repeating that.
 -then we went down in the most vertical cogwheel train in the world. I covered my eyes and said “s**t, sh** sh**, and then I was ok!!
Then we caught a boat back on the lake at the bottom and shared a Prosecco to celebrate what we had just been through!!

There is no way I would have come out of that experience in one piece if it wasn’t for Brain Coaching curing me of my fear of heights.

HR Consultant, Sydney.

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