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Spider phobias
Helen Dugdale
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Spider phobias

It is ok to have a fear of spiders – they can be poisonous!

We should all have a healthy respect for danger, no matter what that danger is, for example: a spider web strung across our path, a hole in the ground with a spider in it. It is when this fear becomes irrational and / or impacts on your life, that you need to do something about it. If, for example, just looking at a picture of spiders on the TV will bring on heart palpitations and sweating or may be refusing to go into your own house if you think there is a spider in there and then yelling and screaming uncontrollably – very debilitating reactions!

Recently I had a client, (Jane) with a fear of dying and that spiders were going to be crawling all over her body. These thoughts were making her physically ill. During the brain coaching process, we uncovered that it was an incident in Europe (where she grew up). Her and her 6-year-old friends were playing out in the backyard and lifted a sheet of tin, when 100s of little black spiders came running out. One of her friends brought one spider over to her and she ran off screaming. That night Jane had a nightmare about spiders and her grandmother. It just so happened that her grandmother had recently been buried as well. The two events combined in her dream, and she dreamt that when she dies, spiders will swarm her. Jane has had this fear since she was six years old and she starts to feel physically ill. 

In our brain coaching sessions we resolved how Jane felt as a six-year-old. The logical side of her now-adult brain knows that there was no danger back then (none of the children were bitten) and it was coincidental that her grandmother had passed away. She also does not know for sure that spiders swarmed her grandmother’s body. This client feels so much better now and is not unduly upset by spiders or about death and tells herself to stay calm when she starts to feel nauseous and panicky. She is managing this issue in a more controlled relaxed way now. 

Brain coaching can help you, no matter what your phobia is. Sometimes the original trigger is not that obvious. Brain correctly coaching identifies the trigger, then helps you come to terms with that trigger and then set you on a path that you are comfortable with in dealing with your phobia.

Give Helen a call on 0417 064 507 for a free 30-minute introductory chat, and have a much more relaxed, less stressed life.

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