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Teachers Workshops
kates Schwager
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Teachers Workshops

From late 2021 and during 2022, Helen was asked to present a series of workshops to teachers and Ed Dept staff at various locations around NSW. The theme was “Retraining your Brain – getting the best out of yourself and those around you”.
It wasn’t about curriculum or how to teach. It was about understanding yourself and being able to encourage others – no matter how difficult they can be!
The workshops included handy brain training tips on how you can change your thinking habits so that you can be more productive, less stressed, and how to get along better with other people, and to be more aware of how you operate and how other people ‘tick’. The outcome being self-improvement and how to influence others so that everyone benefits.
More workshops for the Ed Dept are being planned for 2023.
If your organisation would like some personal development and team-building workshops, please contact me and we develop a program that would suit.

Some feedback from participants is below:

  • I had the pleasure of listening to your presentations at the Future Skills Conference over the last 2 days and really enjoyed it.
  • Your presentations were thought-provoking and inspiring.
  • I would like to bring this thinking into my faculty and start some more positive conversations.
  • Thank you Helen for igniting a spark that’s caught my interest! 
  • Some excellent ways to reframe your thinking
  • Highly relevant, Excellent new perspective
  • I was a bit brain-dead after the other sessions, but the content was good
  • Provided some great strategies
  • Thinking about improvement strategies
  • Was great to do a hands-on activity. Was engaging
  • Helpful with time to think
  • Such a good insight into the wayward mind And the suffering it can cause
  • Helen presented interesting points and provided the opportunity to develop plans to achieve goals.
  • Was interesting 


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