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Testimonial from Ladies National Camp-drafting Champion!
Helen Dugdale
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Testimonial from Ladies National Camp-drafting Champion!

“What has lack of sleep and camp-drafting got in common?

To be successful at either, you need to change your mindset. Brain Coaching can help both situations and help you develop good habits and a new positive mindset!

Recently a client came to me about always coming 2nd or 3rd in her chosen sport of camp-drafting. She knew she was good enough, her horse was good enough, and she had put in hours of training. Something was holding her back. Through brain coaching, we uncovered what that was. Katie is now the Ladies National Champion!

Below is her comment about the process:

"I have always been a very competitive person and work hard to try and achieve my goals, over the last couple of years I have been having some difficulties with my much-loved sport of Camp-draft, I was having some issues achieving my best performance and it became something that I couldn't stop thinking about and that was making it worse. Helen gave me strategies to change the way I was thinking about things. The positive thoughts have been a game changer, I can't recommend Helen enough".


ABCRA Australian Championships Ladies Campdraft Winner

(ABCRA – Australian Bushmen’s Campdraft and Rodeo Association is Australia’s largest non-profit equine sporting organisation, it has over 7000 members and at the recent National titles there were over 400 competitors))

Photos – Katie with her Belt Buckle trophy and her winning horse – Warrior.

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