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The Le Puy Chemin is definitely worth walking- lots of magnificent scenery, lots of history and historic buildings, amazing architectural structures for the times. Interesting paths through forests, farms, towns and cities. Plus interesting people along the way. The first 2 weeks are very steep, lots of going up and coming down steep rocky paths. We heard from other more seasoned hikers that they felt that the first 14 days of this Camino was the toughest hike they had ever done. So be prepared! It seems that 20km/day is a reasonable pace considering the hills and rocks, plus you also want to have time to stop and enjoy the scenery along the way as well as when you get to each days destination.

Sometimes the book/maps/apps overestimate how long it takes to get from town to town, - be warned!
This part of France seems to close fir the season from 1st October, not many places for food or accommodation are open. You can still find something but your choices are limited. Plus there are a lot less people doing the walk, so it could be quite lonesome.

The weather is still good though- not too hot or too cold.
Nearly everyone on a camino takes away something from it. In my case - a realisation that everyone is different, we all have our idiosyncrancies, and we all have our good points - appreciate diversity! And concentrate on the good in people.

Overall- it was a beautiful and worthwhile hike, can thoroughly recommend it. If anyone would like more information about this walk - I am always up for a chat! Au revoir,  A bientot.

Helen from Australian Brain Coaching

Travel Tips for walking the French Camino
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Travel Tips for walking the French Camino

  • Train going up hills and down in ankle boots that have flexible soles (very rocky terrain)
  • At Airport wrap backpack in plastic (if you want to guard against straps fetting caught in baggage handling) First take out battery chargers!  I made this mistake!
  • Have rubber stoppers on your walking poles it is very annoying for other walkers to put up with click-clacking of metal on the roads and stones!
  • Hikers wool - help with pressure points on your feet and ankles - helps prevent blisters.
  • Walking poles help take the pressure off your knees especially going downhill.
  • Bring a massage ball - helps with all the aching parts of your body!
  • "Stiff, Sore and Sorry" - roll-on for sore muscles - it works!
  • If you are short statued - like me- be careful of having your pack too high and pushing against your head - can cause excruciating neck pain - believe me!
  • Most sites or BNB's do not open before 4 pm so time your walk accordingly.
  • Stretch before and after day's walk.
  • Try and keep to around 20kms a day, lots of hills take their toll! Stop and have a look around the villages you pass through
  • Check if there are places to buy lunch or bring some with you (sometimes the hotels can prepare a picnic for you but I can be just all carbs!)  we took fresh fruit and mixed nuts, some days.
  • Getting your backpack sent ahead makes walking up hills more enjoyable!
  • Walking sandals are good if your feet need a break from the boots.
  • Other hikers provide very good tips! So have a chat!
  • Bring a swimsuit you never know when there will be a day spa!
  • If your knees are sore when walking down hills, walk across the path in a zig-zag pattern rather than straight down, takes some of the pressure off your knees, also your back rather than forward over your knees, bring tape/bandage.
  • Vegans and vegetarians or gluten-free people would have trouble finding enough food to eat.



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The Map of the French Camino Walk

Below shows the map of the area of France where you walk the French Camino.  The blue line is the distance travelled from the starting point to the end.  The redline shows Helen's progress across France walking between 19kms and 25kms a day.  Staying at BnB's a long the way.  

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    Helen Wheels French Camino walk Sept 2019 starting Le Puy-en-Velay, 

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    Paris Gare de Lyon to Le Puy en Velay by train.

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    Gare de Lyon to Le Puy-en-Velay to Sauges on first three days of trekking on the French Camino.

    Day 4 to 6 from Aumont-Aubrac to Nasbinals.

    From Golinhac to Conques to Decazeville

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    The last leg of the journey
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    French Camino Walk Sept 2019 

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