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To reach your personal and professional goals, use brain coaching, an approved short term coaching concept, which combines established and well researched psychological coaching elements. In Europe for more than fifteen years managers, artists, trainees, students, athletes and actors have made use of the brain coaching method to reach their goals and gain success. Brain coaching optimises your productivity and creative ability by stabilizing your emotional and mental balance - easing challenging and demanding situations. Now operating in Australia, Helen has successfully helped over 200 clients with various issues.




Goal Setting and Changing Goals

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It is great to set goals and satisfying to achieve them. No matter what your goal is, (study, business, health, relationships) it is also worthwhile to appreciate your smaller gains along the way. If however, circumstances change, life happens and you need to reassess your original goal that is fine too.

Cajarc to Cahors in images

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From Cajarc to Cahors we travelled through wine-growing areas had a rest day in Limogne with a lovely view from the window and on through the towns/villages visited a 12th-century farmhouse in Mas de Garrigue then visited a village called St Cirq Lapopie, one of France’s Les Plus Beaux Villages.  Then onto Cahors a rather large town with a 12th-century centre. And famous bridge called Pint Valentre . The history and architecture are fascinating.

Conques to Cajarc

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Autumn leaf path Leaving Conques, rising above the morning mist, then arriving in Figeac to more 1000 yo buildings. This is where the Knights Templar were. How can these buildings last this long?

Mindful Hiking

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Mindful Hiking - isn’t just about thinking nice thoughts while you are strolling along. It is also about appreciating where you are in the world, your surroundings, the people you meet, how your body feels and also about where you put your feet! Especially on these rocky pathways which can also be slippery. There is a lot to be being mindful - most of all it is about awareness, no matter where you are, what you are doing and who you are with.


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Wellness in the Workplace


“Recently had the honour of presenting to Shire Council staff about the importance of “Wellness in the Workplace”.
Not only does personal health affect your own well-being, it also impacts on the organisation’s well-being!”





Services - Individual & Group Workhops

Dealing with

  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of Flying
  • Anxiety in social situations, road rage
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Public Speaking confidence
  • Sports confidence and consistency
  • Sleeplessness
  • Sense of self worth


Public Speaking Nerves: (From a very satisfied client!)
"Recently, I was asked to speak at an event with a large audience. In the 5 month lead up to the event, when ever I would think about speaking in front of so many people my stomach would churn, my chest would feel heavy and I often had to rush to the bathroom. I was that anxious about it.  This continued



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