About Helen

Helen has a Graduate Diploma of Psychology, a Wingwave Certificate (developed by German psychologists) and NLP Certificate (NeuroLinguistic Programming). She is also a member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists and trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Resetting).
Helen loves helping people, she has a dedicated approach to treatment to ensure clients can overcome and resolve their issues and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Helen travelled to London to attend a workshop held by the Wingwave Group. The course was attended by people from various parts of Europe. Helen gained a great deal of knowledge into the coaching method that is a combination of three stages. 1st stage: identifying the original trigger.  2nd stage: resolving that original trigger. 3rd stage: developing new cognitive pathways. There are currently only three people in Australia trained in this method.



  • 2023, Facilitated grooup Sleep workshops for Carers NSW, CSIRO, as well as to the public in Narrabri, Newcastle, and via zoom.
  • 2023, Developed Professional Development Workshops for various businesses.
  • 2023, Published my first book - "Put Insomnia to Sleep", How to Re-train your Brain.
  • 2022, Present a series of personal development workshops for teachers around NSW 
  • 2022, Swam 20kms in a month for Youth Suicide Prevention
  • 2021, Organised a walkathon to raise money for Cord Blood Research 
  • 2020, Wrote a book about Insomnia
  • 2019, completed 450km French Camino
  • 2019, SIAHTO Woman of the Year
  • 2019, EMDR workshop
  • 2018, Graduate Diploma Psychology, University of New England
  • 2018, Norman Doige workshop, – Neural Plasticity
  • 2014, Qualified Brain Coach
  • 2014, Completed London Marathon
  • 2012, TAE Cert 4
  • 2012, Certified NLP practitioner, (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • 2012, Climbed Mt Kilimanjaro
  • 2011, Created Personal Coaching Consultancy
  • 2010, Partnership Award, Aboriginal Employment Strategy
  • 2002, Inaugural Board - Country Education Foundation, Narrabri
  • 2000, Inaugural Board - Women’s Industry Network-Cotton
  • 1986, Graduate Diploma of Education
  • 1979, Diploma of Applied Science


Speakers Bio

You can download a pdf of the Speakers Bio by clicking here.

2 Violet Street, Narrabri, NSW 2390
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