"Confidence is improved with Brain Coaching"

"Confidence is improved with Brain Coaching"

"Confidence is improved with Brain Coaching"

"Confidence is improved with Brain Coaching"


“After 40 years of smoking...”
Helen Dugdale
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“After 40 years of smoking...”

Recording from Frank, who gave up smoking after 40 years of 20/day, with just one session of Brain Coaching:

When I first heard about brain coaching I was sceptical, to say the least, for a start I didn't know what brain coaching was when it was explained to me, however, I saw in some way how it could work, when I went to a session and went through the various techniques I was amazed.

I didn't know why I needed brain coaching at all but if there was anything I would like to give away it would be smoking.  I was instructed how to achieve this. I followed those instructions and to my surprise - amazement really - they work.  I haven't smoked for some weeks now (9 weeks) I haven't been counting, and the craving has left me completely, however when I do sometimes get into a situation where I reach for a cigarette I remember what I was told. I abhor those things now and I find that the desire to smoke leaves me almost immediately. Does brain coaching work from my experience? Yes Yes Yes.

Another thing that really surprised me as part of the teaching the new habit, is that I didn't want people around me walking on eggshells because of my foul moods by not smoking.  I expressed a desire to be mellow and was instructed on how best to achieve this and again was amazed that it works.

Since giving up smoking, in my job as a community worker I have many stressful situations. In the past, any one or all of the events that I meet in my job probably would have got me smoking again.

I was a packet a day, 20 bucks or so a day would be the bill I guess, I never even counted the cost I just paid it because that's what you paid to do what you did, I haven't calculated the savings either. I imagine they would be adding up.

I still feel a sense of disbelief really, I struggled before in trying to give up, nothing seemed to work in the past.

What I know is this, that it is working for me, and why I think it is working is - I am committed to it and I realise for it to work a lot depends on me.  I would say that if you want to try brain coaching then you should approach it with an open mind and do your part to make it work.

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