"Confidence is improved with Brain Coaching"

"Confidence is improved with Brain Coaching"

"Confidence is improved with Brain Coaching"

"Confidence is improved with Brain Coaching"


Feedback from Quit-Smoking Program
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Feedback from Quit-Smoking Program

“Feedback from Quit-Smoking Program – Great results for the people who participated in the recent Brain Coaching Quit Smoking Program! The participants smoking habits ranged from 20 – 40 cigarettes per day, and for 30 – 45 years. We calculated that at a packet per day this habit cost about $12,000 per year! Let alone the health costs! One participant even commented about how much tax they were paying to the government.

Most of the participants had already tried other methods to give up smoking eg. Nicotine patches, Champix (prescription drug), hypnosis, or cold turkey. (Note – some of these methods do work for some people). They all said that they had either no success or minor short-term success, and then their smoking habit returned or worsened.

After the brain coaching sessions, participants reported that they had cut down from about 35/day to about 5/day, after the first week, and then went onto even further success.

Some of their comments were: “I want to be healthy for the grand-kids” to “I’m sick of having this habit”; and “If I felt a craving coming on, I would reach for Helen’s notes that she had given us, and that would remind me of why I am giving up. I am proud to be able to say that I am a non-smoker”. Another participant said that he couldn’t even stand the taste of a cigarette after the brain coaching session.

If you, or anyone you know, is keen to give up smoking, please give me a call, and I am happy to explain what is involved. There are so many good reasons to quit! And remember, as the ad says -  “Never quit trying to quit”.

"I started the 3 week Brain Coaching course to quit smoking for 3 reasons: 
1. For my granddaughter 2. The cost & 3. For the health benefits. 
The outcome is that most days I don’t even think about a cigarette but when I do I use the mantra and tools that Helen taught until the craving goes away.  I would recommend brain coaching because it has taught me that I make the conscious decision not to smoke and to be a non-smoker. I also enjoyed the group sessions because we would share tips about how to avoid the cravings etc!" 
From a 50 yo, who has been smoking 20/day for 25 years

“ Over 3 weekly sessions I went from 7 packets of cigarettes a week to 1 packet a week, and a few months later am down to 4 cigarettes per week. I would say that this method works, especially if you are serious about quitting.” David, Narrabri.

“My health, was the main reason why I wanted to give up smoking, and want to enjoy my time with grandchildren (without getting sick); improve my finances (by not spending $160/week on cigarettes), and also because I didn’t like the smell on my clothes or the taste of the cigarettes! I am now ‘smoke-free’. I would recommend this brain-coaching method as I have tried everything else, however you need to follow the plan from day one. I noticed a difference after the first session.” John, Narrabri

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